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Take a Look at Our Upgraded Domestic Cars

Frank’s C7 Z06

This Z has evolved a lot over the years with us. From a stock engine with a F1a94, A8 trans ...
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Closeup view of shiny silver black sports car

Roberts Gen 2 CTSV build

Robert originally contacted us to do a semi race car build that evolved greatly! What started off as a forged ...
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A sports car on display

CPR’s 2008 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo

This is our personal Gen 4 viper we purchased with the intent of developing our TT program on. The goal ...
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A red chevrolet sports car with technicians

Azkary 6th gen Zl1 camaro TT build

This camaro originally came to us with a procharger setup that wasn't running quite what it should. We retuned it ...
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A sports car speeding on the road

Justin’s CPR Built C6 ZR1

We set out with one mission on Justin's ZR1. To build the fastest OEM blower combo we possibly could while ...
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A sleek black metallic car with external attachment

CPR’s Tuner Nic D’s 09 Z06

We had one mission with this car. Run a 7 on the stock ECU and show what was possible with ...
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Cordes Performing Racing

Mad Max 2015 C7 Stingray

Our customer wanted to us to secure this car to build him a dedicated half mile car that could not ...
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Cordes Performing Racing

Aaric’s 2014 C7 Project SOS

Aaric purchased this C7 from our customer who we originally built it for. This car was used to develop many ...
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