Aaric’s 2014 C7 Project SOS

Aaric purchased this C7 from our customer who we originally built it for. This car was used to development many great products and was big reason we got such a leg up on the Gen V LTX platform. It originally was a stock bottom end heads/cam, novi 2200R, headers, flex, meth combo that made 840 RWHP and did it for years running many half-mile events. When Aaric purchased it he wanted to take it to the next level and really see what this platform was capable of. So we put in play this combo for him.

LME 427 long block with darton sleeves
Billet internals, LME ported cylinder heads, LME billet intake manifold, solid roller combo with an 8k RPM redline
Procharger F1x with our air to water system
RPS triple clutch
C7 z06 manual transmission built by rpm to a level 7 spec
DSS axles
Port injection
RPM cage
Tillet carbon seats
Prospeed oil cooler
Prospeed fan kit
C&R radiator
Fore fuel system
ID 1700X injectors on port side
Alky control meth kit
CPR ice tank
Carlyle Drag wing
Carlyle 15” conversion
Vasko speed parachute kit
LG motorsports spherical control arm bearings
Currently has made 1482 RWHP.

The car will be receiving an RPM transmission powerglide conversion with 9” rear end as he has plans to get into drag racing with it.

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