Roberts Gen 2 CTSV build

A shiny silver black sports car

Robert originally contacted us to do a semi race car build that evolved greatly! What started off as a forged motor, built 6l90, simple tt setup. Quickly turned into a LSX engine (same engine as in our shop C5) Rossler pro mod max TH400, Holley dominator, and purefab 4 link rear setup. This car came…

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2017+ Zl1 Camaro

A red chevrolet car doing a burnout

We absolutely love this platform for it’s amazing ability to run hard in any situation. We have been leaders in this platform since the very beginning, this includes holding the 6th gen 1/4 mile record for a bit at 8.04 @170, and our personal shop Zl1 that went 9.06 @ 155 with the OEM LT4…

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2020+ C8 Corvette

A sleek green sports car in a parking lot

Through extensive testing of products, and working on this platform since the very beginning. We have developed the following packages to allow you to easily choose which path best fits your goals and budget. Naturally aspirated- Stage 1: Halltech Cold air intake Cat-back of choice – CPR in house (stainless or TI), AWE, Corsa, Stainless…

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2015+ Mustang GT/Bullitt/GT350

A black mustang with the driver wearing a helmet

With the Gen 2 Coyote engine Ford really gave people a very formidable vehicle that could do so many things so well. These engines can handle a lot of power and do so reliably. While we have been known for over a decade of building LSX/LTX vehicles, we are no stranger to the coyote platform.…

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CPR’s 2008 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo

A sleek metallic blue sports car

This is our personal Gen 4 viper we purchased with the intent of developing our TT program on. The goal with this car was never big power, but more so something that was always fun on the street, easy to hook with a decent tire, and needed minimum upgrades around the turbo system to support…

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Azkary 6th gen Zl1 camaro TT build

A red chevrolet sports car with technicians

This camaro originally came to us with a procharger setup that wasn’t running quite what it should. We retuned it and it ran a low 10 in the 1/4 mile. Not one to stop there Azkary wanted us to see what the combo would be capable of with some serious updates. The choice was made…

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Justin’s CPR Built C6 ZR1

A sleek metallic grey sports car

We set out with one mission on Justin’s ZR1. To build the fastest OEM blower combo we possibly could while still giving him a car that you could take to the store to get grocery’s, or run an incredible time at the half mile or drag strip. The build started as a bone stock ZR1…

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2020+ GT500

A red sports car and an orange sports car

The 2020+ GT500 is a very potent car on the road course and has the ability to be very fast on the drag strip or half mile. With easy modifications the power jumps up very significant and retains the same street manners as it did stock. For those that wish to take full advantage of…

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