CPR’s 2008 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo

This is our personal Gen 4 viper we purchased with the intent of developing our TT program on. The goal with this car was never big power, but more so something that was always fun on the street, easy to hook with a decent tire, and needed minimum upgrades around the turbo system to support it. We did go a little overboard on a few items but it was so we could create our standard practice for how to run certain things on this platform. This is how we treat all development vehicles to make sure we are putting out the best product we can.

The details on this setup are as follows.

Stock engine (unopened) 30k mile’s on entire driveline, clutch, stock ECU. On 50% ethanol and 6.5 PSI it. We did E50 because it’s the most readily available at the pumps here, and at this level E85 would make no more power. With all that said it made 760 rwhp and 754 rwtq.

**Update 12/30/22- We turned it up to 10 psi prior to the Nov SCT Phoenix event. We kept timing extra low to keep things on the safe side. It now makes 850 rwhp and 840 rwtq. The car trapped 145.8 in the 1/4 at this level. We are beyond happy with how well this car keeps on going!

The turbo setup consist of the following

  • Twin Xona 62 mm turbos
  • Twin Turbosmart 45 mm wastegates
  • Twin Turbosmart bov
  • Twin Garret 750 HP air to water intercoolers
  • Davies craig intercooler pump
  • Turbowerx scavenge pump
  • All fabrication done in house
  • All water lines hard lined for trunk tank
  • Ceramic coated hot side
  • CPR Gen 4 Viper trunk ice tank
  • Our in house Titanium cat-back

Fuel system upgrades

  • ID1050X injectors
  • RSI fuel hat w/ twin walbro 450 fuel pumps
  • All lines built in house and crimped


  • Tuned in house using HP tuners with the stock ECU


  • Signature SV501 wheels 18” rear with Mickey Thompson ET Street SS tires
  • Menscer coil overs (oem’s converted)
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