Azkary 6th gen Zl1 camaro TT build

This camaro originally came to us with a procharger setup that wasn’t running quite what it should. We retuned it and it ran a low 10 in the 1/4 mile. Not one to stop there Azkary wanted us to see what the combo would be capable of with some serious updates. The choice was made to convert it to a TH400 and 9” rear combo and ditch the A10 as at the time no converters were available, and he wanted a solid trans setup that would be more consistent, and lead to more fun at the drag strip. On the stock bottom end we got that combo down to an 8.6 with the addition of our air to water intercooler system, and addressing some other items that the previous builder had done. Eventually his stock bottom end had the thrust bearing issue that can plague the gen v lt motors, and the decision was made to really step it up. So we had a engine built that would handle whatever we wanted to do with it. LME did a 416 cu sleeved LTX motor with a pair of CID heads worked over by them. We also fabricated a custom low mount twin turbo setup using Xona rotors, and plumbed it to keep the current air to water intercooler we did, when it was a procharger setup. On the very first time at the track with the new combo it went 8.03 @ 170 and took the 6th gen 1/4 mile record by 1/2 a second. It currently still holds the 6th gen LTX record as the number one spot is held by a 6th gen that is LSX powered. Unfortunately this car will not see anymore track days as while driving it on the street he had someone blow through a red light and total the car. The owner is looking to get back into racing and whatever we build him it has some big shoes to fill that’s for sure!

Here is a brief rundown of the build:

LME sleeved ltx motor w/ LME ported CID heads and a LME intake manifold

Halltech port injection

CPR spec cam

CPR in house low mount twin turbo setup with air to water and CPR trunk ice tank

Neal chance converter

RPM transmission TH400/ DSS 9” conversion

CPR in house A10 to TH400 conversion harness/programming

CPR TH400 crossmember

Fore innovations fuel system

Stock shocks w/ BMR 15” conversion, BMR solid cradle bushings

Track pass:

Build video:

Cordes Performing Racing