Justin’s CPR Built C6 ZR1

We set out with one mission on Justin’s ZR1. To build the fastest OEM blower combo we possibly could while still giving him a car that you could take to the store to get grocery’s, or run an incredible time at the half mile or drag strip. The build started as a bone stock ZR1 and now holds the record for the fastest C6 ZR1 in the 1/2 mile boost only trapping a 190.13 beating the previous record of 185.8 that stood for years. That includes OEM blower and 2650’s, stock bottom end, or built. This car retains the OEM shortblock that was in it as it left the factory along with the OEM trans, diff, torque tube, and axles. This combo produced 940 rwhp on our dynojet. For reference a stock ZR1 usually does 510-515 rwhp.

The list of items on this car include the following.

CPR Spec camshaft w/ WCCH ported OEM LS9 heads w/ associated valve train upgrades

Synergy race port supercharger w/ LPE Snout & 103 MM throttle body

C&R intercooler bricks

Kong LS9 head studs

Synergy 4.5” CAI

ARH race headers

OEM axle back

CPR in house trunk tank and modified edelbrock HX

Synergy water inlets

Synergy catch can

Alky control meth kit

Fore innovations fuel system w/ Flex sensor

2.35 upper/14% lower pulley combo

CPR C6 radiator support brackets

Tillet seats w/ Rpm roll bar 4 point

Forgeline wheel/tire combo 15” rear wheel conversion

Dyno tuning the combo

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