Frank’s C7 Z06

This Z has evolved a lot over the years with us. From a stock engine with a F1a94, A8 trans combo that went high 8’s. To a 427, F1x, glide setup that ran 8.1 @ 168, to what it is now. Frank has been a great long standing customer that has one of the most beautiful C7’s on the planet. The combo as it sits now is as follows.

LME engine using a noonan billet block, CID heads, LME billet intake manifold.

Daily dry sump system

RPM glide 9” irs combo w/ neal chance converter

CPR in house built & designed turbo kit using twin precision mirror image 76mm turbos

Strange race brakes in the front, bmr 15” kit rear

Menscer coil overs

Motec M182 full replacement ECU

Tillet carbon seats

8.5 cage w/ fire supression

Parachute kit w/ drag wing

The car has now run a best of 7.6 @ 181 with roughly 10-12 more lbs of boost to go.

Magazine article on the car.

7.6 pass:

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