2017+ Zl1 Camaro

We absolutely love this platform for it’s amazing ability to run hard in any situation. We have been leaders in this platform since the very beginning, this includes holding the 6th gen 1/4 mile record for a bit at 8.04 @170, and our personal shop Zl1 that went 9.06 @ 155 with the OEM LT4 supercharger and 182 in the 1/2 mile. From mild bolt on’s, to wild setups we can put together the right package to fit your goals. For the road race crowd we have proven setups as well for you that will allow you to have amazing power and zero overheating issues on the track. This is because we can validate everything here in AZ where we see 112+ temps in the summer. The packages outlined below are not the only way to achieve the goal, but merely what we have found to be the best bang for the buck, and have the most overlapping labor. For a more personalized quote please email Joe@cordesperformanceracing.com or call us at 480-359-5914.

We also have our race packages which consist of one of the following. Our in house twin turbo package which has gone 8.0 @ 170 – it retains everything on the car, our procharger packages (have gone 8.5), or 2650 setups (have gone 8.8). Each one has a wide range of power ability from 900 to 2000 HP. It is best to contact us to discuss your specific goal. We also were the first to successfully TH400 swap the A10 cars and retain everything.

Stage 1:

  • Roto-fab intake
  • CPR V3/Zl1 expansion tank (can be upgraded to front bumper or trunk tank)
  • ARH longtube headers w/ high flow catted mid pipe
  • Optional flex fuel kit w/ gauge to show ethanol content

Stage 2:

  • CPR 2.3 Upper pulley kit
  • NGK 6510 spark plugs
  • Mighty mouse catch can
  • Optional flex fuel kit w/ gauge to show ethanol content

Stage 3:

  • Alky control meth kit
  • Kong X ported LT4 supercharger
  • Katech 103 mm throttle body
  • CPR low side fuel system
  • Flex fuel kit

Stage 4:

  • CPR spec cam package
  • DOD delete kit- Includes Johnson lifters (model depends on overall setup)
  • LME billet chain guide
  • Katech oil pump
  • C5R timing chain
  • Upgraded main heat exchanger
  • BTR trunnion upgrade
  • ATI balancer w/ DSX lower (size depends on complete mod list/goal)
  • Gates HD belt
  • Amsoil fluids & wix oil filter
  • ARP head studs
  • GM gaskets
  • Optional LME CNC ported cylinder heads
  • Optional CPR front bumper or trunk ice tank
  • Optional DSX billet LT4 lid
  • Optional DSX water inlets for blower
  • Optional CPR Race inlet for blower

Suspension packages:

Depending on the goal we have many different paths we can go. Our complete drag setup consist of the following.

  • BMR Solid Cradle & diff bushings
  • BMR 15” rear conversion
  • BMR Motor mounts
  • BMR driveshaft safety loop
  • DSS chromoly driveshaft
  • DSS Axles
  • 6 point roll bar w/ integrated fire system
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