Mad Max 2015 C7 Stingray

Our customer wanted to us to secure this car to build him a dedicated half mile car that could not only be raced hard but road tripped all over the country. While maintaining perfect street manners and having a blast when racing! We secured this 2015 C7 Z51 which was 100% stock when acquired. He wanted to build something truly unique and being a fan of the mad max movies we had just the plan for this one!

416 shortlbock using callies magnum crankshaft, callies ultra I rods, diamond pistons

LME CNC Ported edelbrock LTX castings

LT5 C7 ZR1 supercharger ported by synergy

Crawford port injection using holley dominator ecu to also control the bypass valve

CPR Spec camshaft 8k rpm

Kooks race headers

CPR 5” CAI mated to katech 103 mm throttle body

Fore innovations fuel system

Monster LT1-s triple clutch

CPR trunk water tank, CPR heat exchanger, CPR emp pump kit

Rpm 6 pt cage

CCW 17” classics w/ beadlocks

Carlyle 17” rear conversion

Here are a few videos showcasing the progress of this build and the different stages it went through as we refined the project. After final changes the combo made 1080 rwhp (not recorded during episode filming)

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