C7 ZR1 2019

The final edition for the C7 platform gave us the ZR1, an incredible platform that has amazing potential for more power and some seriously impressive track times. Unlike others we purchased a development car to validate our packages, and process on this platform. As tuning these is unlike any of the other C7 models before it. If you are not careful in both the execution install, and tuning you will be left with either a sub par running car. Or a blown up engine on your hands. You can feel confident knowing we have done the grunt work in determining what works and what doesn’t and ultimately allowing us to provide you with a very proven package that you can enjoy for a very long time.

The list below is just one path, we have other options available for those willing to do good fuel right away either via E85, race gas, or a meth kit.

Stage 1: Typical gains on 91 octane 75-80 rwhp $10,500 OTD. Deduct $540 If manual transmission

  • CPR ZR1 5” CAI
  • American racing 2” longtube headers (will become race spec if you go max effort or plan on it later)
  • Ceramic coating of headers
  • CPR Griptec upper pulley with 10 bolt hub
  • Larger diameter idler
  • Correct supercharger belt
  • NGK 6510 spark plugs
  • HP Tuners unlocked PCM
  • HP Tuners unlocked TCM (unless manual)
  • Professional installation
  • Dyno tune done in house with before numbers

Stage 2: Typical gains 140-150 rwhp over stock on 91 octane $19,000 OTD

  • Adds the following on top of stage 1
  • CPR Spec camshaft w/ .660 spring kit w/ titanium retainers, 3/8 chromoly pushrods, amp vvt lockout
  • C5R timing chain
  • HPFP Lash cap w/ gaskets
  • Mighty mouse catch can -12 wild
  • Innovators west overdriven balancer
  • DSX modified tensioner idler
  • Correct supercharger belt
  • CPR supercharger expansion tank (can be upgraded to trunk tank)
  • Brian tooley trunion upgrade
  • GM Cam gasket kit
  • Amsoil oil w/ wix filter
  • CPR Low side fuel system upgrade

Stage 3: Typical gains 180-200 rwhp over stock on 91 octane $25,200 OTD

  • Adds the following on top of stage 2
  • CNC Ported LT5 supercharger
  • 103 MM throttle body w/ adapter plate
  • LME CNC Ported LT5 cylinder heads
  • ARP head studs
  • OEM GM head gaskets
  • Johnson 2116LSR lifters
  • CPR LT5 high flow feed line kit
  • Optional Alky control meth kit (dual nozzle) $1895. worth 80-90 rwhp over 91

Stage 4: Typical gains 400-420 rwhp over stock $32,900 OTD

  • Race port on supercharger
  • ID1050X injectors on port side
  • E85 tune
  • alky control meth kit w/ dual nozzle and stainless line upgrade
  • 5 gallon pail of meth to take with
  • AFX wideband (mounted behind radio)
  • CPR Trunk ice tank w/ Stewart EMP pump and 1” lines to and from. Includes CPR Fabricated Y-fittings. Tank still allows targa top to be stored in the back.

R package: This is the package that builds upon the above but turns it up, and is what we use for our 8 second in the 1/4 mile setups and 188-191 in the half mile.

  • Built 8l90 transmission
  • Fore innovations low side fuel system
  • Ethanol monitoring gauge
  • DSX flex fuel kit: allows you to run 91 or E85 and auto adjust the tune based on the ethanol content
  • 15” Rear wheel conversion (allows you to still run oem wheles)
  • Optional Roll bar 6 pt or 8.5 Cert
  • CPR safety package: includes fire suppression system, 5 pt harness, parachute kit w/ CPR chute handle
  • Optional Neal chance torque converter
  • Optional LME shortblock to CPR spec’s using CID Cylinder heads, crower shaft mount rockers, solid roller grind camshaft
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