C7 Z06 2015+

The C7 Z06 really stepped the game up with it’s blend of performance and luxury. This platform we have proven both on and off the track with these packages which allow you to pick up 20-700 rwhp and still have a very street friendly combination. We have these broken up into our stock blower packages, larger top mount style, and then our R packages which swap the supercharger over to a procharger head unit. We do also offer custom Twin turbo packages if you want to turn this into a more race car type build as well. Our OEM blower package has ran a bottom 9 @ 148-150 in the 1/4 full weight in AZ for an example of performance you can achieve.

The video below is an example of how smooth our packages can drive with our selection of parts and tuning.

Stage 1: (no tune needed)

Stage 1: (no tune needed) $1500 OTD

  • CPR C7Z Supercharger fluid expansion tank
  • Professional installation

Stage 2: Flex fuel version Gains typically 85-100 rwhp

  • Adds the following to stage 1
  • DSX flex fuel kit can run 91 or up to E50
  • Intake will be our in house made 5” CAI if you go right to this stage
  • Aeroforce Gauge to monitor ethanol content w/ CPR Gauge pod (mounts behind radio)
  • Professional installation
  • Mighty mouse catch can
  • Dyno tuned with before and after printout

Stage 2 Pump gas only version: Can do flex fuel but up to E30-35 , typical gains on 91 octane 55-65 rwhp, +50-60 rwhp on ethanol fuel

  • CPR 2.3 Griptec upper pulley
  • American racing longtubes with high flow cats (optional ceramic coating available)
  • Intake will be our in house made 5” CAI if you go right to this stage
  • NGK 6510 Spark plugs
  • Professional installation
  • Dyno tuned with before and after printout
  • Mighty mouse catch can

Stage 3: Can do pump or flex (limited by fuel system mods) Typical gains 155-165 rwhp on 91 octane. 195-205 rwhp on E50 (requires low side fuel system and gauge)

  • CPR Spec camshaft, .660 LT4 spring kit with titanium retainers, 3/8 .080 wall pushrods, amp vvt lockout
  • CBI DOD delete plugs, Johnson lifters, new gm lifter trays
  • ARP head bolts or studs (depends on future plans on which is used) GM head gaskets
  • GM cam gasket kit
  • C5 R timing chain
  • BTR trunion upgrade
  • CPR Heat exchanger upgrade
  • ATI balancer w/ DSX tuning lower pulley
  • Gates HD Belt
  • Amsoil fluids
  • Professional installation
  • Dyno tuned with before and after printout
  • CPR Low side fuel system if flex fuel
  • Optional CNC Ported LT4 cylinder heads
  • Optional CNC Ported LT4 Supercharger w/ 103 mm throttle body
  • Optional Alky control meth kit

Stage 3 Max effort: Typical gains 325-340 rwhp over stock on E85. This combo has ran bottom 9’s at 148-150mph in AZ in a full weight C7Z on an 18” DR. It is 100% daily drivable and able to be driven across country without fear. With the stock exhaust flaps closed you will be hard pressed to tell it’s modified as well.

  • LME CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads
  • Synergy max effort race port
  • Katech 103 mm throttle body
  • CPR C7 low side fuel system
  • Alky control dual nozzle meth kit
  • 5 gallon pail of meth
  • Aeroforce gauge to monitor e content
  • Optional CPR trunk ice tank (ideal for half mile, drag race crowd)

Stage 4: Price depends on power goal. For a specific quote using this supercharger please email us.

  • Magnuson 2650 Supercharger
  • 103 MM Snout
  • CPR low side fuel system

Options that can be added to any package:

  • Driveshaft shop driveshaft and axles
  • BMR 15” Rear wheel conversion (can still run oem wheels)
  • CPR Trunk ice tank
  • DSX Billet lid

R Packages: These packages are for those that absolutely love the sound and pull from a Procharger supercharger. With head units that can make upwards of 1500 rwhp with our Air to water system we can help spec out the right combination for you based on your goals. We offer these with stock or built transmissions, or with Glide or TH400 conversions. Also available is complete cage solutions along with safety equipment should you get into competitive drag racing or half mile. Those options can be added to any package. R Packages when going for 1k+ RWHP we spec out a Late model engines built shortblock or longblock to our spec’s to achieve the desired goal. As the options are almost limitless we offer many options on these packages. So please contact us to spec out your specific goal. We also have our custom twin turbo kits that are available in a street trim or race trim depending on the end user goal and use of the vehicle. These are 100% fabricated in house along with all of our products.

R-1 Package: Procharger F1A94 or F1X 7.8-8.4 @ 165-175 mph mile times depending on head unit and optional items. (retains ac and all creature comforts) $85-125k depending on options.

  • LME/CPR R-1 engine
    • Sleeved LTX shortblock Callies magnum crankshaft 8 counter weight, callies enforcer rods, diamond pistons w/ upgraded pins
    • CID heads cnc ported by LME, ti intake valves, inconel exhaust, spring kit
    • O-ring groove cylinder head gaskets
    • LME billet front timing cover w/ VVT delete
    • Crower shaft mount rockers w/ CPR low lash solid roller camshaft
    • LME billet intake manifold w/ port injection
    • Katech oil pump, C5R timing chain
    • LME Billet valve covers
  • Procharger bracket with CPR bracket reinforcement
    • F1X or F1A94 head unit
    • CPR griptec 10 rib upper & lower pulley
    • CPR Air to water intercooler system
  • Crawford port injection system using holley dominator ECU
    • ID1700X injectors
    • Dual widebands
    • Holley 3.5” screen mounted behind radio using CPR mount
  • ARH race headers
  • LT5 95 MM throttle body
  • Neal chance torque converter
  • Built A8 transmission w/ RPM diff and DSS axles. Or optional RPM glide/9” conversion
  • AMP solid motor/trans mounts
  • Fore innovations triple pump low side fuel system all lines crimped
  • 15” rear wheel conversion w/ optional race brake front kit
  • Weld racing 15” rear wheels with mickey thompson drag radials
  • Weld racing front runners (size depends on brakes)
  • LG motorsports monoball rear control arm bushings
  • Optional Menscer coil overs (required at certain level)
  • Amp race breather
  • Optional roll cage, fire system, parachute kit, drag wing. 
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