C6 ZR1

The C6 ZR1’s LS9 engine is without a doubt the pinnacle of the GM LS family and in our opinion is stronger then the new ZR1 LT5 engine. The OEM supercharger is extremely potent when opened up and is capable of some incredible performance figures. The following packages are just a short list of what we can do to this platform. We have much more radical combos available beyond these, as we have done it all from max effort stock blower combos with nitrous, to 2650 swap’s with 4l80 conversions on this platform.

Stage 1:

  • Holley CAI
  • ID1050X injectors
  • Griptec 11 rib upper pulley
  • Eaton solid isolator coupler
  • CPR reinforced intercooler bricks (optional C&R upgraded bricks available
  • American Racing 2” longtube headers with high flow cats
  • DSX 100 MM idler
  • NGK spark plugs
  • Amsoil oil, wix filter
  • CPR Supercharger fluid expansion tank
  • Professional installation and tuning
  • Dyno graph with baseline numbers before work begins
  • Optional Flex fuel kit available (ability to run 91 or e85)

Stage 2:

  • Adds the following on top of stage 1
  • CPR Spec camshaft upgrade w/ .660 spring kit w/ titanium retainers, 3/8 chromoly pushrods
  • C5r timing chain
  • ATI 14% overdriven lower
  • Gates HD belt
  • Edelbrock heat exchanger
  • Prospeed fans
  • New gm gaskets
  • BTR trunion upgrade
  • Mighty mouse wild catch can
  • Amsoil fluids
  • If flex fuel will receive our aux fuel pump system

Stage 3:

  • Frankenstein CNC Ported LS9 cylinder heads milled to our spec
  • Kong ARP head studs
  • Kong Billet tensioner
  • Kong air dividers in supercharger lid (or DSX custom engraved lid)
  • LS9 head gaskets
  • Johnson 2116 lifters
  • Ported supercharger w/ LPE snout by Synergy motorsports
  • Katech 103 MM throttle body
  • Synergy 4.5” CAI
  • Synergy supercharger water inlets
  • Amsoil fluids
  • Monster Lt-1s triple disc clutch
  • If flex injectors will go to ID1300X and will receive our aux fuel pump system

Optional items that can be added to any package

  • CPR Trunk ice tank
  • Synergy or DSX billet lid
  • C&R bricks
  • Alky control methanol injection kit
  • AFX wideband
  • Aeroforce gauge to monitor IAT’s, ethanol %, etc
  • RPM Level 7 transmission w/ DSS axles
  • BMR 15” rear conversion
  • Nitrous outlet spray bar kit
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