SS Sedan / G8 Supercharger expansion tank




This tank is designed to increase capacity of your top mount supercharger system, and provide a very easy fill/bleed point for the system. It will sit in the cabin air filter pocket under the wiper cowl. We provide you with a template to locate how to create the needed openings for the fittings and cap. Included with the tank is 3/4 line and two -12 pushlock fittings. A 90 and 45 degree to aid with installation. Depending on your specific application additional line may be needed and barbs to splice together as this is a tank that can work with all top mount offerings. IE Whipple, LSA, Magnuson 2300, Magnuson 2650, Harrop 2650. Final connection is up to the end user, should you need assistance on how to plumb please email us. The tank is standard raw finish as you do not see it under the cover, but the lid is anodized black to blend in with the cowl.