CPR CT5-V Blackwing cold air intake



With tuning finally being available for this incredible car, we wasted no time developing what we feel is an absolutely beautiful, yet functional cold air intake. This intake DOES REQUIRE A TUNE. In testing on a stock car while part throttle and idle fuel trims lined up fine, under WOT the car was having to add 15% more fuel and as a result was closing up the throttle due to the increased airflow. This does mean however you can comfortably install this at home and drive it to the tuner with no issues in regards to drivability. This setup will support all the power as we made it with 4.5” piping and used an absolutely massive air filter.

The product photos shown are the raw finish intake, but they all come standard in the black texture we are known for using. Hand fabricated right here in house and validated and tested on cars we build here. You can be assured we wanted to provide you with the absolute best intake we could make.


**These are in production now and we are making an initial run, your order will secure you one in that batch. We plan on shipping these by 3rd week of Nov 4th week at the latest baring no air filter issues as that is the only part we do not make. ** 

Video below is of the stock air intake on the dyno to show how loud or lack there of the supercharger is.



The video below is of our air intake showing the increased supercharger noise you can expect. This car only has our intake, no blower porting, no billet lid, etc.