We are very excited to have our new Expansion tank done for the C6 Dry sump cars with PD blowers that has an integrated mounting solution for a mighty mouse catch can. For years you had to choose either an expansion tank by the dry sump tank or a mighty mouse can. Now you can have both! This is intended for the moderate power level guys and lower as bigger power PD blower setups will always benefit more from a trunk tank setup as blower RPM rises.

We offer this tank in a raw or powder coated black finish and can supply you with the mighty mouse can too just simply let us know your setup and we can spec it out. When your order is placed we will reach out to you to confirm your blower setup so we can properly set the fittings up. Eforce cars will need a fitting moved and may add additional lead time as we will produce more of the magnuson, whipple, zr1 setups.

Kit includes fittings and line to make the needed connections to and from the tank, but as every vehicle is different it’s up to the end user to make the final connections pre/post our tank. IF unsure please call or email us and we can walk you through this.


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