BTR CAMSHAFT – LS1/LS2 – N/A STAGE 2 – 32738132R0




BTR CAMSHAFT – LS1/LS2 – N/A STAGE 2 – 32738132R0

Specs: 227/238  .620″/.605″  113.5+2.5

This is a great camshaft for daily driver applications where more sound and power is wanted in comparison to our Stage 1 camshaft. It is common to see over 400 whp with this grind when backed with proper supporting mods. An aftermarket stall converter (2800+ rpm stall) is ideal for automatic vehicles. It is best to consult your tuner or the BTR sales team when deciding on a converter. This cam was created with a focus on all-around drivability while giving the engine the attitude you desire from a V8. This camshaft, like our other offerings, is easy on valvetrain parts!