CPR 228/232 LS1/2 CAM




This is our most popular grind we offer for the cathedral port engines. This is truly a have your cake and eat it too camshaft! We routinely see LS6 cars make 420-430 rwhp on 91 with this cam along with headers and a cai. It has a great chop at idle and loses ZERO low end tq, it actually gains down low! This will pull all the way also to 7000 rpm’s while driving so smooth in parking lots you can idle through with your feet off all the pedals and zero surging. This is cut on a comp core but we use a tool steel core for increased strength, sadly that adds to the cost but provides what we feel is a better product. This cam will work perfectly with TSP or BTR .660 spring kit (if you need springs let us know) With ported heads and a fast 102 setup we have seen upwards of 465 rwhp on 91 with this cam.

Cam specs:

228° – 232° – 111° – .612″ – .600″


Skip to 12:34 to see us drive this cam in our parking lot.