CPR 2014+ Corvette Radiator expansion tank



We developed this tank to solve a few problems we have seen throughout the years of building this platform.

  1. The OEM tank is a two piece design and can swell and separate leaking fluid all over
  2. Changing out the spark plug on cylinder 8 is a tough one given the oem tank’s width.

We decided to develop a tank that not only solved problem 1. But also made it easier to change the plug on cylinder 8 which on the high hp builds we are known for becomes important when you’re trying to read plugs while dialing in a combo, or when it’s routine maintenance time and you save just precious time and less chance of cutting up your hands. The cap we provide is the same rating as oem (20-21 psi) and we provide all the lines and fittings needed to install like factory. The overflow line is done just like factory or you can run to the rear of the car on high hp vehicles and have it dump into a catch tank.