DMS 110mm LSA Supercharger Idler Pulley



When reducing the diameter of the upper pulley it is common to replace the factory 90mm idler with a 100m version to help increase belt wrap. DMS took it a step further with a 110mm version adding even more belt wrap. These pulleys are made out of 6061 billet, anodized black and comes standard with a pair of Italian made high speed bearings and Spirolox bearing retainer to maintain balance at high speed. Also included is two bearing spacers designed to be used with the factory bolt for ease of installation.

The DMS 110mm Idler will not work with any other aftermarket relocation bracket aside from the DMS +5mm Relo. It will however work with the stock cast iron idler bracket. Using this pulley with an aftermarket relo will make the pulleys too close and will cause the belt to rub against itself.

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