CPR Defibrillator Camshaft


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Our proven LS3 grind, this cam has exceptional drivability, nice chop at idle, and loses next to zero low end tq. On 91 octane in Arizona on our dynojet we routinely make 470-475 rwhp with this cam and quality headers and cold air intake. In better climates on 93 we have seen this crack 500 rwhp.

Auto customers this will require a higher stall torque converter to prevent pushing through the brakes at a light.

This Cam is ground on a lunati core and uses lobes that will not beat up the valvetrain, we recommend installing with a set of BTR SK001 springs or upgrade to titanium retainers if you wish.

Cam is a 231/239 and works well naturally aspirated, with a centrifugal blower, and or nitrous. We do not recommend this cam for positive displacement type superchargers or turbo applications.

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