We are extremely proud to release our true bolt in Air to water system for the C5 corvette. We developed this system to work with any centrifugal blower setup on the C5 corvette. Air to water has been proven countless times to pull out more heat than traditional air to air systems and the cores are much higher flowing as well. Our development vehicle was our shop managers 2004 Z06 that had the following modifications to it.

Procharger P1X
CPR 228/232 cam (not our blower grind cam)
TSP cnc ported 317 heads
1 7/8 longtube headers
walbro 450 fuel pump
FIC 1000 CC injectors
tuned on 91 octane

Here is a link to our episode showing the development process, dyno results, and track results

This system features the following components.

  • 100% of the construction made in house
  • Garret 1k HP core (these are well known to be underrated) we have used these on 1200 rwhp setups
  • Pierburg 100 intercooler pump
  • front bumper tank (can be upgraded to trunk tank)
  • ECS radiator cradle (if you have this already we will discount the kit)
  • 2.5” filler neck
  • upper radiator shroud
  • all needed fittings (phenix)
  • all needed line (vibrant silicone)
  • turbosmart bypass valve
  • all needed couplers, clamps
  • includes threaded iat sensor (can be omitted if you have it already)
  • available raw finish or black powder coated +$200
  • radiator side shrouds to enclose system
  • Heat exchanger that sits in front bumper (requires trimming of license plate area)

We can add this in with a blower and head unit as well if you’re needing a full system.

These are build to order


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