CPR Alpha Cam




Our most popular LS7 Cam hands down. The CPR Alpha cam really is a have your cake and eat it too grind. We have these cut on high quality Lunati cores and use lobes that do not beat up the valvetrain. What separates this cam from the rest is it’s ability to make massive power, lose zero low end tq, and drive almost like stock. We have taken many videos and put them on our youtube channel of driving in a parking lot at idle with no feet on any pedal and it has zero surge. We recommend this cam with a set of BTR springs and on 91 octane with supporting mods we routinely make 580-595 rwhp on our dynojet here in AZ. On E85 we see 615-620 quite often. This cam powered the fastest NA stock bottom end C6Z in the half mile, & the first stick c6 Z to run 9’s in az

Idle Video

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