CPR 2014+ Corvette Stingray & Z06 low side fuel system



When it comes to the new LT1 motor’s fueling is always a big issue, after you take care of the high side upgrades, the low side is the next thing to struggle to keep up. CPR has a proven solution to support all the fuel needs that the high side can ever be capable of doing. This system is 100% pre-made ready to install, all you need is some wiring tools, and the tool to drill the gas tank. We include all the fittings, line’s, regulator, etc. you need to complete the install minus tools. We also will help you setup the low side in the tune to properly take advantage of this system. All components used are of the absolute highest quality available as with everything with the CPR brand on it. So take the guess work out of your low side fuel system and trust the leader in C7 performance!

We build these to order and need to know if you are running a flex fuel sensor or not. If flex fuel we can only guarantee fitment with the DSX/dedicated motorsports unit. Should you wish to purchase this flex fuel kit please add it into your car and we will make sure you have everything setup correctly.

Combine with our high side fuel system package to have a complete system capable of 900 rwhp on 100% e85!! And more on race gas.

We recommend having a shop do the install as there is wiring involved.

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