C7Z Packages

Corvette Z06 (2015+)

Stage 1:
Mighty mouse catch can
CPR Expansion tank
Professional installation (no tune required)
Lifetime warranty on parts and workmanship

Stage 2:
Adds the following
Note: if starting with stage 2 intake will be our 5” we make in house.
CPR 2.3 Upper pulley
NGK spark plugs
Appropriate belt
Kook’s 2” longtube headers with choice of X-pipe (ceramic coating available)
Amsoil signature series oil and wix filter
Professional installation and tuning
Lifetime warranty on parts and workmanship

Stage 3 :
Adds the following
CPR heat exchanger
Alky control meth kit
Professional installation and tuning

Stage 4:
CNC Ported supercharger
2.175 pulley
103 MM throttle body
CPR 5” cold air intake (optional upgrade)
Professional installation and tuning

Stage 5:
Add’s the following
CPR spec camshaft
ARP head studs
CPR dod delete kit
GM gaskets, lt1 sealant
Amsoil oil and wix filter
Innovators west 9% lower balancer
Correct belt
Dual valve springs
Chromolly pushrods
Rocker arm trunion upgrade
CPR low side fuel system
Professional installation and tuning
limited warranty on parts and workmanship
**Optional cylinder head porting and supercharger porting available too*

Stage 6:
Magnuson TVS supercharger upgrade
CPR Emp intercooler pump kit upgrade

R packages:

These packages build on the vehicle having the necessary supporting mods needed for these. IE headers, camshaft upgrade, etc. For more detailed information on the R packages please contact us. These packages for intended for those wanting 950+ rwhp, versions available with a magnuson 2650 as well or LT5 ZR1 supercharger conversion for those wanting a top mount supercharger with 1-1150 rwhp.

Procharger 10 rib Kit with air to air intercooler, F1A-94 head unit, CPR high side fuel system package 1050-1100 rwhp on ethanol fuel, RPM differential, DSS axles, high hp breather system. If manual includes monster clutch upgrade, if auto Circle D converter

2R In addition to the 1R this adds a forged & sleeved bottom end using callies ultra billet rods, wiseco pistons, arp main studs, clevite bearings. Head unit is upgraded to F1X, CPR in house made/designed air to water system with trunk mounted ice tank. Fore innovations triple pump fuel system, crawford racing port injection using holley as the controller, & ID injectors, LME billet intake manifold.

3R Steps motor up to solid roller valvetrain. Dyers billet rods, callies billet crank, billet pistons, CID heads. Transmission is changed out for RPM transmission powerglide and 9” rear end setup. Includes 8.5 cert cage, tillet racing seats, harness, parachute, drag pack, and additional items which will be discussed with customer. This is a 7 second capable combo

Above packages have optional warranty available for powertrain**