C8 Corvette 2020+

C8 Corvette 2020+

With our years of dedication to develop proven, reliable, and track tested packages we are pleased to offer some of our tested C8 packages for you. With the C8 GM really changed things up drastically! We were at the forefront of development of parts, and systems that will provide proven performance upgrades, sound enhancement, and an overall better experience. Rest assured our long standing reputation of being the south west, and AZ’s leading Corvette specialty shop equips us with the knowledge and know how to work on your pride and joy. We do not just take what is available on the market and slap it on and call it good, we personally secured a C8 to develop these packages to ensure you get the most bang for the buck! With PCM tuning not yet available we are limited on what can be offered but rest assured we have many high HP packages planned once tuning is available as our in house team of three full time fabricators will be ready to provide the best possible turbo kits on the market once tunable!

Stage 1:
CPR Cat-back and AFE drop in filter (upgraded air box available)
This is our in house fabricated cat-back exhaust we build from scratch on every car to ensure perfect fitment and a level of craftmanship you will be proud to show off! Typical gains 30-38 rwhp

Stage 2:
Add’s Fabspeed high flow catalytic converters (no CEL) adds typically 10-15 rwhp

Stage 3: American Racing longtube headers w/ upgraded spark plugs (headers are ceramic coated for heat protection) typical gains 18-22 rwhp

Optional mighty mouse catch can available at any level. Helps prevent oil from sludging up intake valves causing missfires and loss of power later on.