Alpha Package

C6 Z06

Level 1 Alpha
CPR Alpha spec camshaft
WCCH stage 2 ported cylinder heads, exhaust valve issue is remedied, new guides installed, solid exhaust valve milled to our spec
Dual valve springs and 3/8 hardened pushrods
Johnson 2110R lifters and new lifter trays
Airaid CAI, **Vararam available but if you live in hotter climates and daily drive we recommend a fan upgrade**
BTR rocker arm trunion upgrade
ATI 10% underdrive harmonic balancer
Katech billet belt tensioner
ARH 2” longtubes with high flow catted x pipe or offroad **ceramic coating available**
All associated fluids (Amsoil products used)
Mighty mouse catch can
NGK TR6 spark plugs
Professional installation and tuning at our facility
Limited warranty

Level 2 Alpha
Adds the following
MSD intake manifold
NW 102 MM Throttle body

Level 3 Alpha
Adds the following
Flex fuel capablities
Larger fuel pump (Walbro 450) with new crossover and in tank fuel lines
Larger injectors (Fuel injector connection 60lb)
DSX flex fuel sensor

Level 4 Alpha
Adds the following
Monster LT-1 series **level depends on goal**
New GM slave cylinder, pilot bearing, remote speed bleeder, monster billet support bearing
DSS torque tube couplers
ECS trans/diff brace

Additional packages available, please contact us to discuss your particular goals.For the ultimate in NA power where small sacrifices are ok in drivability we have our Beta cam. This cam currently still holds the stock bottom end LS7 half mile trap speed at 173.8 mph.